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Eliminating cockroaches can turn into a real war if you use unverified means. Our company at Germantown MD uses certified products for Pest Control Services, the effectiveness of which has been tested and proven. The bodies of killed insects can remain in an apartment, house or office for a long time, while emitting harmful substances that worsen well-being and can even cause serious illnesses. Micro-particles are mixed with dust. Inhalation of such air, as a rule, results in allergies, which are difficult to get rid of in the future. The respiratory organs are also affected. To eliminate all these negative consequences, it is better to resort to the help of specialists.

Experts in pest Control Services

Our company is professionally engaged in disinfecting disinfection of premises of any size and purpose, our Pest Control Services specialists will quickly and efficiently perform all the necessary work. Our company provides its services to both enterprises and individuals. We are sure that the quality of the work done, first of all, depends on the specialist performing it and on the very approach to the procedure. Work on disinfection, disinsection and deratization of premises involves the implementation of a whole range of works on the treatment in general and the treatment with disinfectants of all common items. For disinfection, aerosol equipment is used, with the help of which even hard-to-reach places are treated with a special solution (ventilation holes, space in suspended ceilings, etc.). We can safely say that our team consists of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the field of room processing. We also provide professional fumigation. Germantown MD is a city where our capabilities coincide with your needs.

Are You Looking For The Pest Control Services in Germantown, MD?

Our company at Germantown MD undertakes to provide you with constant quality services, at the right price and on time. We guarantee of implementing all the technical means well-matched with the nature of your action for controlling and regulating the occurrence of pests on your sites. We offer a comprehensive approach to your pest control sevices: detection and identification of pests, one-off upgrade treatment, preventive maintenance and health assessment. An emergency number is assigned to it to meet your expectations.

Termite Pest Control Services

Our treatments are subject to control and certification, recognized throughout the world. The anti-termite treatment requires know-how and a lot of experience, entrust it to a professional specialist in wood treatment.

Cockroach Control

Our pest prevention and control experts will place cockroach baits in strategic locations to accurately determine the presence of cockroaches. If you suspect the presence of cockroaches in your home, but you cannot find the hiding place of intruders, do not hesitate to contact us free of charge.

Bed Bugs Treatment

With Our Germantown MD Company, you can be assured of complete pest protection. We develop elimination solutions that don't give pests a chance. At the same time, our preventive approach will help you protect your home or business in the long term.

Rodent Removal

Our integrated indoor / outdoor rat and mouse program uses our patented rodent station technology and discreet traps. Ongoing consultations with our specialists will help you solve your rodent problem.

Bee removal

Our pest management technicians are there to offer you the professional help you need to identify insects. We will then take all measures to get rid of it and remove the hive or nest safely.

Why Choose Us?

We believe that integrated pest management should be the basic approach for any company that works in and in relation to raw material supply chains, especially when it comes to food and food safety. Our integrated management Germantown MD programs help identify potential pest control services problems and resolve any existing problems. 

Our approach is based on realistic, preventive and corrective implementations in order to obtain an effective fight against pests in each environmental situation. We can design and implement prevention and early detection systems, and subject specific installations and raw materials to thermal treatments and / or under controlled atmosphere and, more traditionally, with phosphine gas PH3. 

Our global team of professional pest control technicians are committed to providing you with the service stipulated in our policy, to be a well-established, premium, independent and reliable pest control service provider concerned with quality assurance, project risk management and hazard control.

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