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Cockroaches are crawling insects (although some species can fly) that live and eat waste. But at the same time they compete to take advantage of our houses and food, they contaminate our food and personal belongings. They come to transmit diseases and are the cause of allergies for humans. Nobody likes pests to invade their business or home, pest control is a basic environmental hygiene service. The existence of rodents, flies or cockroaches are a threat to health and can be the reason of thoughtful economic losses. We have been for several years providing expert pest control like cockroach control services.

Why Is It Difficult To Cockroach Control?

The great resistance of cockroaches to any method of fumigation means that the best solution to combat them is found in pest control companies in Madrid. At Pest Control Services Maryland, we have the solution to your problems with cockroaches! Our long history in the Cockroach control ensures 100% efficiency in all cases. Explain your problem with cockroach pests and we will solve it in less than 24 hours with a guarantee and above all with maximum response speed.

Cockroach pests, scientifically known by the name of Blattodeason, are currently one of the main pests in the world and one of those that cause the most problems. Originally from tropical countries: hidden in houses, offices, kitchen of bars and restaurants, hotels, hospitals and all kinds of shops , in order to take refuge from the cold outside.

In its condition as an urban plague, it is a nocturnal, hiding insect, and can be found in drains, ventilation ducts, cracks, under floorboards or even in baseboards, which makes it difficult to exterminate them in the Community.

The Problems Caused By Cockroach Infestations

The problems that cockroach pests can trigger are numerous, which is why it is vitally important to do Cockroach Control their appearance at the slightest indication. Among the consequences of the most common cockroach pests at home are asthma, salmonella and other diseases or infections as they carry a large number of germs that are spread throughout the city.

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How Many Treatments Are Necessary for Cockroach Control?

The success of a fumigation is in being able to eliminate all the foci of breeding. In most cases, these foci / nests are very hidden (see the images), so it will be necessary to use experienced professionals. If the problem is recent, a single fumigation is usually sufficient. However, in chronic cases with a high infestation rate, several interventions are usually necessary.

In those situations in which the cockroaches come from breeding sources located outside our facilities, the solution is complicated since we will not be able to access these sources for Cockroach Control. In these cases, in addition to disinsection, it is essential to keep the structures in an optimal state of conservation, avoiding holes and / or cracks through which they can access.

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