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Summer is synonymous with the annoying buzz of wasps around the terraces. In the frightening proximity of the houses and terraces, they make people uncomfortable and sometimes in danger. And indeed: in search of food, wasps do not hesitate and become more and more aggressive as the summer progresses. Wasp stings at the best of times hurt a lot, in the worst case if the person stung is allergic, the sting can be fatal. What to do against wasps? Here are some tips, how to recognize a wasp problem, the risks involved and the reasons why you should call a professional to eliminate a wasp nest and bee removal.

Bee Removal

Protection of Bees and Bumblebees

Wasps can also be confused with bees - although these are more brown in color than black and more hairy than the wasp. If you think you have bees, visit our website. We will always be ready to help you and send you a beekeeper to get rid of a honeycomb and bee removal.

How To Get Rid of A Honeycomb and bee removal?

Bees compared to wasps are much less aggressive and they only sting if they feel threatened. In addition, bees are very useful animals; some species are even endangered. If possible, therefore, avoid killing bees and disturbing their nests or bee removal. If a honeycomb poses a risk - for example when it is around a house or hospital or if you are allergic to bee stings - the nest can be moved to a safer location.

We are your pest control company for the bee removal of Asian wasp nests The Asian wasp or Vespa velutina, is an invasive species from India and Asia, and very aggressive against native bees and other insects. The diversity of the species and the agricultural production can be threatened in the action of the pollination of our insects.

Here Are Some Tips For The "Bee Removal":

Protection measures are key in this sector, bees are not aggressive until they feel attacked or are trying to protect the swarm

We must say that there is a large portion of the population that is allergic to the bites of these, in any case we recommend that you do not do this work on your own, and hire a professional, because if you really do not have an idea of ​​how to extract these, there may be some left and they can stay there for 3 days, and remain aggressive

Most of the time the swarm is not where its entry is detected, it needs support and is usually done on horizontal walls or ceilings.

Most of the time you are forced to make a hole inside or outside the house to be able to remove the honeycomb, the key will always be to avoid making as much damage as possible in the house, community of neighbors, building community, etc.

After the removal of these, the ideal is to place them in a new honeycomb, and have them for a period of time under observation to see if the organizational structure of the swarm of bees has suffered damage with their extraction.

We are experts in the treatment and bee removal  of the Asian wasp and its nests. We draw up the appropriate protocols and use the most effective techniques and biocides and remove the nests. From our pest control company  we can  eliminate these annoying pests in the most effective way , through different treatments and in the different spaces where they can appear. We also have related services such as water treatment or food safety, which complement our offer of comprehensive services.

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