Termite Control In Germantown, MD

You will see yellowish pieces on the tree, as if sprinkled with sugar. Or you can see small holes in the tree. These are two of the most common signs that uninvited guests are in your home. These insects like to destroy certain types of wood more than others. Termite really dislike such types of wood as pine, cypress, alder. According to pest control firms, tiny, maggot-like pests (they lose their wings after finding a nesting site) usually enter buildings to eat window frames, doorways and cabinets and return to the nearest underground colony, or simply settle in the tree itself which needs termite control.

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Dry Wood Termite Control In Germantown

Dry wood termites are installed inside wooden pieces and furniture with low humidity. They are commonly found in wooden roof structures, stucco, cabinets and in any piece of wood. Although the colonies are not very large, these termites do serious damage which needs termite control, since their detection is only possible when the attack is already at advanced levels of destruction.

The attack happens by creating galleries inside the wood, where termites move around and reproduce. Generally, the presence of the colony is only noticed when the feces (dust) are discarded outside the piece of wood.

Underground Termite Control In Maryland

Underground termite are considered an important urban pest with great potential for destruction. They feed not only on wood, but also on any other material that contains cellulose and, unlike those mentioned above, they need moisture to survive.

For this reason, the colony is usually developed on the ground, in hollows of trees, in lost coffins of buildings, slabs with filling, recess of floors, hydraulic columns, gardens, etc. In buildings, it does not matter if the wood is in direct contact with the ground so that it is attacked. Masonry constructions are the most sought after, as this type of termite builds the access galleries through foundations, walls, pipes, among other structures. They can attack the lining of electrical wires, sometimes causing a short circuit and even fire.

The workers of this type of termite move between colony and construction in search of food using tunnels built from a mixture of soil and saliva. With our pest professionals, you will be guaranteed complete protection against pests. Our pest control solutions not only guarantee the removal of your problem, but also protection against re-infestations, keeping your home or business free from pests in the long run.

With many years of experience in pest control services around the world, we can give you the guarantee and peace of mind that you will have the best trained service technicians on the market working at your facilities.

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We adapt our products to the target Termite Control.

1. We customize our solutions based on the specifics of your home or business, knowing that each pest problem is unique and has its own challenges.

2. We use advanced solutions, duly approved by the authorities, helping to guarantee the viability and success of our services.

3. Our vast network of entomologists and field biologists support the products and services used by our technicians on site.

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