Rodent Removal In Germantown, MD

Different ways for rodent removal

The principles of deratization completely depend on the specifics of the premises and its area:
• Residential
• Utility • Food industry
• Social facilities • Warehouses, cellars • Agricultural grounds
The choice of tools for carrying out rodent removal depends on where the rats or mice roam. If the hearth is small, then improvised means (mousetraps, baits, poison) or a cat that can pacify and drive away uninvited guests help.
A large-scale rodent removal requires a serious approach to the problem in order to avoid unpleasant consequences from the use, for example, from chemical pest control agents. After poisoning, rats or mice do not always leave the room, but climb into an inaccessible place and decompose there, exuding an eerie odor that is difficult to find.

Children and animals can be injured from baits containing poison, which, out of curiosity, will study a dangerous object and get poisoned. Therefore, such a method of deratization is permissible only in places without inhabitants or under the constant control of a person who is conducting rodent removal rats and mice removal using baits.

The independent struggle of citizens who have no idea of the correct approach to the problem often turns out to be ineffective. The wrong tool for deratization is chosen, the scale of the rodent population is not estimated, or the rats simply do not approach the traps, knowing that they are in danger.

At our pest control company, our technicians have been trained to perform treatments to control and prevent this pest in any facility, regardless of the level of infestation.

Drive away rodents

To control rodents or rodent removal of a property or company, first you have to know how they got in. Rodents usually manage to enter through holes or poorly sealed spaces. They do this by searching for food or water, so make sure they don't find it easily. Rodents need constant access to water sources, even if they only drink 15 to 60 ml per day. They feed on anything they find, although they prefer to eat a variety. The products we have developed include bait stations, with a buffet system used exclusively by our pest control company.

Benefits of Our Service:

  • Quick Response
  • Qualified Technicians
  • Thorough inspection for pest activity
  • Specific Treatments
  • Safe service for your family and your environment
  • Scientifically proven solutions to ensure their effectiveness

Pest prevention tips

These tips will serve in case the rodents have not arrived on your property yet, however, for cases in which it is suspected that there may be an active pest, and you need help to control it, we recommend contacting a professional company that can perform by our specialized service. We have many operating centers, distributed throughout the national territory so that we have technicians always very close to you, our goal is to offer a fast and close servicefor rodent removal and more.

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