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The term Pest Management refers to the management or control of a problem-creating species known as a pest. Not the complete destruction or extinction of pests, however a member of the animal species that directly affects human activities. The human reaction depends on the value of the damage done and can vary from tolerance, through the pest management service provided in Maryland and deterrence to attempts to fully eliminate the pest. Our Pest Management steps may be carried out as part of an integrated pest management plan.

Preventive Measures Taken

A better choice than fighting pests is avoiding them. Taking into account that communities, such as houses, are more vulnerable to the presence of pests, in order to avoid an unregulated situation, these protective measures of our service must be put into effect in these spaces, and property managers must ensure adequate order in their enforcement.

In fact, it is the most important thing, because we do not have to worry about the presence of any pests in the future if we take good care of the workplace. Above all, these steps deal with hygiene and cleanliness. A properly cared for and the cleaned company does not have to suffer any problems from cockroaches and rodents, or other pests. In spite of proper hygiene, however, “intruders” can occur in your company, so both active and passive measures need to be understood.

Passive measures

Overall, these measures aim to ensure that the pest does not spread within the facility. It attempts to cover holes or cracks that could be reached by some form of pest in this way.

Active measures

Active measures are typically the optimal solution when the previous two approaches have not succeeded. In this situation, the prevention or restriction of the spread of the pest is not pursued, but we exterminate it. For this reason, these measures are the least advisable and need to be taken care of only when the spread of the plague is more than apparent and the previous measures do not have facilities, as we have already indicated. In turn, this process is subdivided into three measures:

  1. Physical measures: how to decrease or increase the temperature
  2. Chemical measures: through biocides
  3. Ecological measures: use of other diseases or living beings to end the plague.

Chemical Pest Management measures

There are specific pesticide treatments provided by our service based on the type of pest and their use is potentially harmful  if used incorrectly in the battle against Pest Management as follows:

  • It can not be used on working surfaces under certain conditions.
  • Avoid its use, on items that can be pulled by rodents or other creatures.
  • Stop fogging in places that are closed or poorly ventilated
  • It must be precise and comply with food industry regulations.

Control And Prevention Measures In The Environment

  • Preventive steps are 80% of the Integrated Pest Management
  • Minimize sheds, crevices, and caps
  • Eliminating external access
  • Stow the firewood apart from the wall and floor not less than 40cm apart
  • Do not leave water in areas easily accessible to pests
  • Dispose of waste and garbage:

1.Preventing their accumulation – Putting them in closed containers 

2.Positioning them in remote locations from the building, removing them in the shortest possible period.

Control And Prevention Measures In Food

  • After eating, remove the leftovers
  • Do not leave water within the insects’ grasp.
  • Eliminating external access
  • Store in airtight receptacles
  • Always strip infected foodstuffs.
  • Carry out the pallets apart from the floor and walls, at a distance of not less than 40cm.

Benefits Of Pest Management Devices

  • Reduce itching and allergies
  • Keeps diseases out
  • Reduces health risks
  • Long term health relief 
  • Better sleep 

Follow the steps provided above and make use of the procedures to safeguard your workplace and residency from pests. Before that make sure to make an appointment with our pest control service in Maryland.


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