10 Simple Ways To Prevent Termite Spread

Termite Spread

Every household should learn simple measures to keep termite spread at bay.

We recommend that you do frequent termite checks in your house. We believe that termites are cunning and tenacious and that they remain unnoticed until major damage has been done and big colonies have already been established. Termite prevention saves households money by preventing costly damage.

Termite colonies must be eradicated with the assistance of a specialist. We recommend that you use these simple methods to keep termites at bay.

Eliminate Leaks

Fixing the leaks now, before it’s too late, will save you money.

Leaks can cause your furniture to rot. Excessive moisture in the wall caused by leaks provides the ideal environment for insects and termites to thrive

 Termite Spread

Remove Any Excess Moisture

If you live in a humid climate, investing in a good dehumidifier can assist.

All kinds of pests, including termites, are attracted to moisture. You should get rid of excess moisture in your property to keep termites at bay. Similarly, on hot summer days, you can use the air conditioner to keep your home cool while avoiding an excessive buildup of damp air.

Maintain A Safe Space Between Your Foundation And Your Garden

It also allows insects, particularly termites, unfettered access to the framework of the house. The moisture in the garden soil is a major source of damage to home foundations. Accurate Pest Control recommends a space of at least 20 inches between the garden and the foundation.

Organize Your Living Space

Termites find suitable living and feeding material in waste paper, periodicals, paper boxes, and old fabrics.

It’s critical to organize your home so that you and professionals can inspect and treat termites and other insect infestations. Getting rid of contaminated materials by drying them out.

Furniture And Foundations Are Expensive To Replace

Termites despise the heat. Leaving furniture and woodworks in the sun for a few days will cause termites to die and the objects to dry. Termite and insect infestations on your property are thoroughly inspected and exterminated by our organization. Have termites wreaked havoc on your property already? To begin, you must contact expert exterminators.

Use Of Borate

Because the wood absorbs borate quickly, it may be primed, painted, and used to construct windows, doors, furniture, and other items after drying.

Borate is an insect repellant that is widely used. Termites are reported to be deterred by spraying borate on wooden surfaces before painting them. Termites are known to be repelled by a borate solution for weeks, or until you seek professional treatment.

Insects Occur On A Regular Basis.

If you see mud tubes, uneven or bubbling paint, or wood that appears hollow when tapped, have them repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Storage Of Firewood

Keep any firewood at least 20 feet away from your home or place of business.

 Termite Spread

Seek Professional Assistance!

An expert inspection perform once a year. Wood-boring bug damage is not covered by homeowner’s insurance.

Repairs To The Inside

Repair fascia, soffits, rotting roof shingles, and even air conditioners as soon as possible.

We are one of the few pest control companies that can be trusted.

The cost of prevention is significantly less than the cost of losing valuable stuff. We recommend that you leave termite extermination to our pros.

Give us a call at +1-301-756-1185 and we’ll help you stay safe. If you’re looking for the best pest control service, look no further.

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