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Garden Pest Control – Insects are among the most abundant and immune to any risk factors in the greenhouse or forest’s occupants. Insects can withstand harsh winters, droughts, and floods. Insect pests spread quickly as plants become weakened as a result of secondary factors.

People have used different methods to get away from dangerous pests since ancient times. In today’s world, there are a few key ways to manage insect pests in gardens:

  • Agrotechnical Method
  • Biological Method
  • Chemical Method
  • Mechanical Method
  • Integrated Method

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Agrotechnical Method

It involves ploughing, seeding,  harrowing, hoeing, and other agricultural cultivation activities that fight soil pests in the winter season by burying them deep underground, where they can’t grow. Furthermore, the agrotechnical approach is based on sowing pest-free crops with grains, preventing pest reproduction in crops.

Biological Method

Insects, fungus, bacteria, and other organisms from the agricultural ecosystem are used to combat crop pests such as garden whitefly, red worm, and fleas. The chemical process has been effectively replaced by this method.

Because of the sweat glands it sheds on the leaves, which favor the growth of fumagina, whitefly is hazardous to vegetable growing, particularly tomato crops.

The red spider could be handled with a chemical, however it is a worm that harms all planted vegetable species. Growers use Phytoseiulus persimilis, a red-orange insect from the mite family, to control this dangerous polyphagous.

Fleas can be found in both field crops and indoor & protected areas, and they have developed a high level of pesticide resistance. Green peach flea and black flea are the most common species.

Mechanical Method 

This method entails flipping trees from insect orchards, such as with the cherry blossom weevil, or collecting caterpillar nests in the summer, preferably as soon as they emerge.

Integrated Method

  • proof of complexity of pests and diseases on crops; 
  • calculating the numerical intensity of each species; 
  • forecasting the presence of mass pests on the investigated territory; 
  • care warnings when the PED of the hazardous stages is exceeded.

Mechanical Method

It doesn’t come at a high cost, and the results of tree treatments are immediate. Chemical pest control’s key drawbacks are its adverse impact on the atmosphere and pests’ rapid exposure to the chemicals included. New and more successful drugs are continuously being developed by the chemical industry.

However, the chemical sector’s demand is dormant, and although new methods for large agricultural organizations are being developed, traditional, unsuccessful drugs are being sold on shelves all over the world.

Chemicals may be sprayed, injected directly into the plant with specialized equipment, or carved into the soil. This or that approach is chosen based on its suitability. When there is enough soil etching but open use of pesticide is not an option, intra-trunk injection becomes the only option.

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Intrastem Injection

This is simply a conduit for the active substances to penetrate the tree’s vascular system. In this case, substances can be used in a range of ways, ranging from systemic insecticides to anti-immunity medications.

From manufacturer-recommended preparations to handicraft made in the garage, there’s something for everyone. If we ignore the data, we can conclude that none other than the original preparation highly modified for injecting into the stem could be used for intra-stem injections, as the rest can result in negative consequences leading to the plant’s death. The use of powdered chemicals and substances designed for fracking for injection is strongly discouraged.

So, while there are several different ways to deal with insects in the greenhouse, only experts in “trees” as well as other plants can make the best decision -Garden Pest Control .

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