How To Get Rid Of Domestic Pests Like Bark Beetles And Ants?


Wood-destroying pests are generally called bark beetles although by this term we mean a whole group of insects that feed in such materials. If we have observed a disturbing network of holes or tunnels in the floor, we are most likely dealing with a variegated tick, a common drain, a house knocker, or a parquet floor. In fact, the name of the pest doesn’t really matter as the methods of controlling it are generally the same.

bark beetles

Where do bark beetles come from in the house :

  • inadequate wood impregnation;
  • damp material was used for construction;
  • the wood was not properly secured.

How to recognize bark beetles and other wood-destroying pests:

  • we hear loud crunches or rhythmic tapping in the wood;
  • we notice round holes in the wood surface or tunnels.

Why you should fight wood pests bark beetles:

They destroy wood, significantly reducing its aesthetic and functional values;

penetrated beams or boards may lose their load-bearing capacity, exposing the building structure to subsidence and even collapse.

Home remedies for pests in wood bark beetles:

Take the turpentine into the syringe and inject it into the visible holes. This method is effective when the pests have just started penetrating the wood.


If the area covered by insects is larger, fill the cans with turpentine and leave them near the wood. This method is more time consuming, but also effective. When the turpentine has evaporated, refill the cans.

Gasoline, kerosene, formalin or denatured alcohol can be used instead of turpentine, but each has a different effect on the wood. If we do not want to test the resistance of our floor or furniture to household pesticides, choose the appropriate chemicals.

Another home remedy for fighting wood pests is to rub the surface with an onion. The activity should be repeated for 2 weeks, then take a short break and repeat the actions until all unwanted inhabitants of our floor or furniture are exterminated.

Chemical ways to get rid of pests in wood :

  • Brush the wood with insecticide. The effect will be better if you inject it inside to penetrate the material.
  • You can wrap the wood in foil or other impermeable material to increase the effect of the insecticides.
  • When the material is dried again and the unpleasant odour disappears, it should be impregnated with a suitable agent.

How to get rid of ants?

Ants appear in our home unexpectedly when they consider it a source of easy access to food. This is usually a problem for house dwellers because in apartment blocks there are rarely marches of pharaohs, cube houses, wholesalers, turf ants, rudnias or amazons. While ants are not pests themselves, by appearing among our four walls, they can cause a just panic among the household.

ant control

Where do ants come from in the house:

  • they pass through small openings from the outside;
  • they go through pipes to apartments and houses.

How to recognize that ants have colonized your home:

  • we find single ants marching inside;
  • we notice the march of a large number of insects or the nest.

Why you should fight ants:

  • depending on the variety, they can bite;
  • they carry bacteria;
  • they are an unwanted tenant who is difficult to eradicate.

Home remedies for fighting ants :

  • Ants react badly to moldy lemon – place the fruit in the place of their marches or nests and wait until it is covered with mold.
  • Vinegar, which should be used to lubricate door and window openings, is equally effective.
  • The ant wandering routes can also be sprinkled with baking powder, cinnamon, salt, pepper or fresh herbs (chopped).
  • Food should be stored in tightly closed containers or cabinets where the ants cannot get into.
  • All organic waste must be thrown away on a regular basis and the dishes must be washed regularly.

Chemical ways to get rid of ants:

Ants can be removed with sprays, powders for sprinkling at the place of hiking or special tiles that are placed in the room. There are many preparations on the market that have a similar effect.

Worst of all are things that crawl around in your home. Call us today if you want to live in a pest-free environment.

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