Methods Of Organic Pest Control

organic pest

In the previous column, we examined the significance of and the various approaches that can be used. For the organic establishment of fertile soil. This factor is a great place to start when attempting to control a wide range of organic pest control. Stress-free plants have a higher resistance to disease than stressed plants.

When growing circumstances aren’t ideal, plants are significantly more susceptible to disease and insect problems. Pest control encompasses a wide range of activities.

This alone could be enough to keep gardening columns going all summer. We must focus on a smaller area for the benefit of our audience. Growers may create sterile growing conditions in their gardens by understanding a wide range of pest management strategies.

organic pest

Organic Pest Control Using An Integrated Approach:

Insect, weed, and disease management using an environmentally friendly strategy is Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Growers start with the least hazardous pest management approaches since they focus on natural processes.

If the situation persists, increasing the level of pest management will be necessary.

IBM’s Six Steps Are As Follows:

1.) Accurate identification of damage and pests at fault.

2.) Understand the life cycle and biology of pests and plants.

3.) Keep an eye out for pest populations and collect samples to test for them.

4.) Establish an acceptable damage threshold.

5.) Decide on management approaches that are suited for the situation.

6.) Assess the outcome.

The most important of these six procedures are choosing a pest control strategy that will cause the least disruption. It’ll also be covered in-depth in the following sections.

These kinds of control can be used both proactively and reactively. In addition, they can be divided into four different tactical subcategories. Aspects such as mechanical & physical aspects of the machine and the environment, biological elements, and chemical aspects

Controls That Are Mechanical Or Physical:

Natural pest control solutions are an excellent place to begin your growth process.

Fortunately, a producer has several artificial choices for keeping pests at bay. Pests can be controlled mechanically or physically using objects or technologies.

Screens, obstacles, fences, traps, and mulches are examples of devices included in this category. Due to the thinness of the material, rain, sunlight, and gas exchange are all allowed to reach your crops.

While also avoiding heat loss and the invasion of numerous insects and microorganisms that might cause disease. The use of physical measures, such as trapping and destroying pests near your growing areas, can also be an option.

Sticky traps, colored traps, pheromone traps, trigger traps, and even light traps are available at garden centers. Varmint traps are designed to catch and kill tiny animals and come in various designs.

Controls Using Chemicals:

When it comes to eliminating pests, the only choice left is to use chemical controls.

organic pest

The application methods and pest-relieving abilities of chemical pest control alternatives vary widely. Follow the label’s directions for safe storage and use.

When applying insecticides, make sure you have the required PPE. When used as a preventive on many plants, various formulations can be effective.

For the use of chemical poisons such as plant toxins. This product should only be used on the affected plants, and no other plants should be exposed to it.

Also, in some instances, the damage is limited to the damaged area of the plant.

Readers are strongly encouraged to either purchase or obtain information on organic gardening from a reputable encyclopedia.

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