Termites: How to Spot Them and Get Rid of Them


Is it true that termites cause stress? If this is the case, you are in excellent company. Termites inflict billions of dollars in underlying damage every year, and landowners spend over two billion dollars treating them. This fact sheet focuses on how you, as a customer, may detect and help protect your property against termites by using effective termite avoidance measures and the correct use of termite medications.

How can I Say whether I Have Termites? 

The initial phase in avoidance is to be watching out for termites. Termites infrequently rise up out of the soil, mud cylinders, or food sources through which they are burrowing. A great many people don’t know they have termites until they see a multitude or go over harm during development. A portion of the approaches to find in the event that you have termites are recorded underneath: 

  • Look at, by examining, uncovered wood for empty spots (utilizing a flathead screwdriver or comparative device). 
  • Recognize termite swarms (now and again subterranean insect swarms mixed up as termites). 


How Might I Prevent Termite Infestation? 

  • Make the Structure Less Attractive to Termites 
  • During development, utilize a substantial establishment and leave a ventilation space between the dirt and wood. Cover uncovered wood surfaces with a sealant or metal obstruction. 
  • Keep up with the Termite Prevention Features 
  • After development, keep the dirt around the establishment dry through appropriate reviewing and seepage (counting upkeep of drains and downspouts). 
  • Decrease openings that offer termites admittance to the design (filling breaks in concrete establishments just as around where utilities go through the divider with concrete, grout, or caulk). 
  • Fix spills right away. 
  • Keep vents liberated from blockage, including plants. 
  • Guarantee that trees and bushes are not planted excessively near the design and don’t permit them to develop against uncovered wood surfaces. 
  • Try not to heap or store kindling or wood garbage close to the house. 
  • Assess intermittently to assist with guaranteeing that termite provinces don’t get set up. 

What are the Different Types of Termite Treatments? 

  • Non-Chemical Treatments 

A few different ways to keep termites out don’t include the utilization of bug sprays. For instance: 

  • One such strategy is an actual boundary, commonly joined during development. 
  • Steel cross-sections and sands of specific sizes have been displayed to perform adequately as actual boundaries. 
  • Organic control specialists (nematodes and growths) have exhibited some achievement, especially in research centre settings. 
  • Since these strategies don’t include the use of insect poison, EPA doesn’t control them. 

Compound Treatments 

Before an organization can sell or circulate any pesticide in the United States, other than certain base danger pesticides, EPA should survey concentrates on the pesticide to discover that it won’t present preposterous dangers to human wellbeing or the climate. Whenever we have made that assurance, we will permit or enlist that pesticide for use as per name headings. The pesticides utilized for the counteraction or treatment of termite invasions are called termiticides and should show the capacity to give underlying security before we register them. Much of the time, termiticide application must be appropriately performed by a prepared nuisance the executives proficient. 

Endorsed medicines include: 

  • Fluid soil-applied termiticides. 
  • Termite lures. 
  • Building materials impregnated with termiticides. 
  • Wood medicines. 
  • Two normal types of treatment are ordinary boundary medicines and termite traps. 
  • Ordinary Barrier Treatments 


The most widely recognized procedure for treating termite invasions the dirt applied hindrance treatment. Termiticides utilized for hindrance medicines explicitly marked for that utilization. 

Your home will be safe and insect-free thanks to our many years of pest control experience.

Whenever directed inappropriately, these medicines can cause pollution of the home and encompassing drinking water wells and won’t ensure against termites. Thus, employ a vermin the board proficient authorized and prepared to avoid potential risk. The most well-known dynamic fixings found in regular termiticides are: 

  • Acetamiprid 
  • Chlorantraniliprole 
  • Cyfluthrin
  • Bifenthrin 
  • Chlorfenapyr 

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