What Are the Ways to Carry Out Varroa Mites In Exotic Pest Surveillance?

Varroa Mites

Varroa Mites can be detected, and colony mite levels monitored with alcohol washing, a fast and straightforward approach. It can clean adult honey bees off by using an alcohol wash. The disadvantage of this procedure is that it is time-consuming, resulting in the death of the bees being tested, which should not happen in this situation. 

The honey bees employed in the experiment are not endangered due to the technique’s simplicity and speed. As previously stated, this results in the death of the bees being studied, which should not happen in this particular situation. NSW DPI and Total Agricultural College partnered to conduct alcohol washings. For Plant Health Australia: Alcohol washing. 

An unscrewed aerial vehicle (UAV):

Brood Nests

Varroa Mites can be detected in capped brood cells up to 85% of the time in colonies with large brood nests, with a preference for drone brood. As a result, finding it can be as simple as opening up a drone brood and looking through the pupae. These mites, which spend most of their life cycle in honey bee broods, can also be removed using this method, as can other mites. Agricultural college and the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI). Plant Health Australia – Captioning of drone footage. 

Shaking the sugar cubes:

Honey bees can passively identify external parasites like Varroa Mites, Tropilaelaps mites, and Braila flies by shaking their sugar. In addition to being a straightforward and quick technique, it poses no danger to the honey bees used in the experiment. Afterward, the bees’ nectar is removed from the sugar and examined for exterior parasites. As the temperature rises, so does this surveillance method’s effectiveness. 

Unlike the alcohol wash method, which can identify low levels of external parasite infestation in hives, this approach fails to do so. Shaking sugar – the NSW DPI, and Total Agricultural College Sweetening – Australian Plant Health.

The sticky mat test:

External parasites, such as Varroa Mites, can be detected using a tried-and-true monitoring technique: the natural mite drop. It is necessary to examine the hive for any external parasites such as Tropilaelaps mites, and Braila flies after 48 hours to calculate the hive’s natural mite drop. Total Agricultural College and the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries Plant Health Australia conducts a sticky mat examination.

Tropilaelaps Mites 

An investigation of the colony for parasitic mites:

Keeping an eye on all hives, especially the brood, is essential. Must monitor several established pests and diseases in Australia to ensure they are not present or not there.

Targeted monitoring of exotic plant pests:

Biosecurity Inspections for exotic plant pests are part of a national early warning system in Queensland. They are a concern in areas near airports and seaports, so we do surveys in these areas to make sure they don’t get there. The surroundings around these locations are actively being monitored:

  • Brisbane’s waterfront.
  • Importers of goods.
  • The international airport in Brisbane.
  • Fight back.

Before pests are established in Australia and threaten our agriculture and environment, the monitoring program will look for them here. Early detection of emerging pests can make it easier to maintain access to both domestic and international markets in the long run. A range of techniques is available to perform a survey, including checking host plants and setting up traps to capture insects like Varroa Mites.

Our officers, who operate in various farming systems and enterprises, conduct pest investigations on a wide range of insects and other pests. Pests of banana, mango, citrus, grapevine and stored grain are the first to be targeted by researchers. You must participate in undertaking a complete survey of your property.

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