How To Get Rid Of Mice And Cockroaches?


Mice are the bane of single-family houses, especially when the colder season comes and rodents seek shelter and easy access to food. Of course, the most humane way is to catch the delinquent and take him outside the house or garden. However, this is not a solution for all of us, especially if the mice make us fear and loathe.


Where do mice come from in the house :

  • they pass through small holes or bite holes themselves, e.g. in mineral wool or polystyrene;
  • they sneak into the house if we leave windows or doors open (mice can easily move over vertical walls).

How to recognize that mice have appeared in the house :

  • we found feces 3 to 6 mm long (12 to 20 mm suggest rats);
  • Can hear suspicious scratching which intensifies at night;
  • we find leftovers of uneaten food;
  • wires or other objects are gnawed.

Why you should fight mice:

  • they carry various diseases and bacteria;
  • pollute our environment with faeces;
  • they disgust many people.

Home remedies to remove mice from home:

  • If we have a cat at home, let him have a room in which we suspect the presence of mice.
  • Let’s plug all the holes and make sure that mice can pass through. To track their paths, we can sprinkle talcum powder or fluorescent powder on the floor.
  • If we find a nest or areas where the mouse often appears, we can put wild mint, chamomile, oleander, moldy lemon or tansy flowers there to deter rodents. Unfortunately, we cannot expect this method to drive the mice out of the house.

Chemical (and mechanical) ways to remove mice from your home:

  • Let’s use electronic deterrents that emit sounds inaudible to humans, and irritating rodents.
  • Various types of mousetrap, which can be more or less humane, are popular. Some only catch the animal so that it can be safely taken out of our home, others kill the mice.
  • Many people use rodent poison, but it poses a risk to children and pets. Remember to properly protect your food when using chemical agents against rodents.

Cockroaches and German cockroaches

Cockroaches and German cockroaches often appear in apartments that are located near garbage cans and restaurants. Often we can also “get” them as a gift along with the purchase of a new apartment. We must be very careful, because like other domestic pests they are difficult to eradicate.

cockroach control

Where do cockroaches and German cockroaches come from at home:

  • they pass from other apartments and from outside through wall openings and other leaks;
  • they move with the help of pipes and air vents.

Why you should fight cockroaches and German cockroaches:

  • can contaminate food;
  • they are disease carriers;
  • their faeces can cause allergic reactions.

Homemade ways to fight cockroaches and German cockroaches:

  • Keep the house in order and repair the water system. Pour the food into airtight containers. Take out the rubbish regularly.
  • Soak pieces of cloth with beer and spread them in places where German cockroaches and cockroaches visit. The alcoholic drink is not used to kill insects, but to fog them up.
  • The stunned insects should be taken and then thrown on the fire or covered with boiling water.
  • Another home-made way to fight cockroaches and German cockroaches is to prepare a bun soaked in boric acid and then spread it over places visited by insects.

Chemical methods of fighting cockroaches and German cockroaches:

  • Use special gels that are perfect for apartments up to 50 m2.
  • In addition, you can use insecticide sprays, special traps for cockroaches or the aforementioned insect plates. It is worth using several solutions at the same time to eradicate pests from the house as soon as possible.

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