How To Get Rid Of Silverfish And Clothing And Food Moths?


Silverfish are small pests that most often infest our bathrooms. They love high temperatures and humidity, so in order to prevent their appearance, first of all, air the rooms and avoid overheating.


Where do the silverfish come from:

  • they get through small holes in the wall;
  • can spread through leaking pipes.

How to recognize that your home is home to a silverfish:

  • we notice defects in places of gluing, also on wallpapers;
  • books, documents or toilet paper have suspicious chews;

Why you should fight silverfish:

  • they do not transmit diseases but are nuisance tenants;
  • they destroy everyday objects.

Homemade ways to fight silverfish:

  • Air the rooms, especially the bathroom, and keep it from high temperatures.
  • Seal all gaps, gaps and leaks so that no more insects can get inside.
  • For the night, layout cardboard smeared with honey. Insects at night will stick to it and can be thrown out of the premises. Another way is to sprinkle a mixture of powdered sugar and borax.

Chemical methods of fighting silverfish:

You can fight silverfish just like ants or cockroaches – with insect sprays, silverfish traps or other “running” insect powders.

How to get rid of Clothing and food moths?

Clothing and food moths are generally brought home by us when we are completely unaware of it. Unfortunately, we cannot protect ourselves against them and the only solution is to quickly fight pests before they destroy our wardrobe and food supplies. Clothing moths and food moths are completely different types of moths, so we fight them in different ways.

cloth moth

Where do moles come from at home:

  • We bring them in products such as flour, bran or nuts (laid eggs);
  • They come from the outside in the warm season when the temperature allows them to survive (clothes moths).

How to tell if moths are in your home:

  • small holes appear in clothes;
  • in the cupboard with flour products, we notice flying insects;
  • flour products smell musty;
  • Cobwebs appeared in the cabinet.

Why we should fight moths:

  • They destroy clothes, especially products made of wool and sheepskin;
  • contaminate food products that can only be thrown away.

Home remedies to combat food moles:

  • Throw away all the products in your cupboard, even if you don’t see any visible cocoons or food pest eggs on them.
  • Immediately after purchase, pour flour products into glass or metal containers, which will act as a barrier against the penetration of moles.
  • In a cupboard, lay out bay leaves, mint, thyme, allspice or cloves – moths do not like intense smells.

Home remedies to combat clothing moths:

  • In the closet, put lavender in a bag or old newspapers – moths will be scared away by their smell.
  • Ventilate your wardrobe as often as possible to get rid of uninvited guests.
  • Put bars of soap or wardrobe fragrance fresheners between your clothes.

Chemical ways to combat moles:


For best results, use several agents at the same time – insect plaque, spray and moth traps. It is only worth paying attention to which type of moles a given product is dedicated to.

In addition to moths, our kitchen can harbor other insects, which we fight in a similar way:

  • grain weevil – a small black and brown beetle that appears in bran, porridges or muesli;
  • flour mklik – slightly larger than the moth with gray wings, tastes good in almost all flour products;
  • mite – an almost invisible pest belonging to the mite, it feeds mainly in flours.

Things that crawl around in your home are the absolute worst. For pest-free living, call us today.

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